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Vriska Serket

evil astroman will take the earth

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Birthdate:Oct 10
Anything to say about how I'm playing Vriska? Let me know here, anonymously or otherwise!

OOC Information:
Name: Colin
Age: 23
AIM: eurousventulus
E-MAIL: gammashade at the disco gmail dot com

IC Information:
Name: Vriska Serket (online handle: arachnidsGrip)
Timeline: Caught up with the most recent point in canon's current timeline, after all this Hivebent flashback stuff is over but before The Rift. Let's say right after the second recap.
Age: Six Alternian solar sweeps; 13 Earth years

If you want to read more, and be warned that it's a lot, the full application is right here.

Interests (14):

8eing overdramaaaaaaaatic, 8ugging, apocalypses, doooooooomsday devices, extreme role playing, flarp, fussing, marquise spinneret mindfang, meddling, orchestrating the impressssssssiona8les' demises, scorpio, smashing 8lack oracles, terri8le luck, vision eightfoooooooold
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